About Gym Stars

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My name is Sarah Baldwin and I have been writing about gymnastics for many years. I used to publish a quarterly gymnastics magazine called Gym Stars from 1992 to 2001, covering three Olympic Games and everything in between.

Four front covers of Gym Stars magazine
Some of the 34 issues of Gym Stars that I published

I operated out of a spare room in my flat in London, and travelled extensively to international competitions in Europe and beyond so I could meet and interview the stars of the day. I wrote, edited and designed the magazine by myself, paying for photographic contributions from expert photographers both in Britain and abroad.

In those days it was all about bringing the sport I loved to a wider audience, especially teenagers, with photos and posters of top gymnasts and non-technical interviews with them.

Many of the top stars in those days were from Eastern Block countries who often seemed remote and mysterious. I wanted to show them as individuals with personalities and opinions, and to make them seem more approachable.

I closed Gym Stars in 2001 to concentrate on other work opportunities in London, Dubai and Sydney, but never stopped following gymnastics. I always organised my annual leave around the Olympic Games so I could watch the coverage non-stop without interruption.

Nowadays I occasionally cover gymnastics events as a contributor to the event news service, and have worked in that capacity at the 2009 World Championships, 2012 Olympic Games, 2015 World Championships, 2018 Commonwealth Games, 2018 European Championships and 2019 World Championships.

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