Angelina Melnikova (Russia)

“I really love social media”

4th August 2018 – The last European team competition was held two years ago, and the women’s team title was won by Russia. Only one member of that team returned to join the 2018 team in Glasgow – 18-year-old Olympian, Angelina Melnikova. Now a senior member of the Russian team, I spoke to her the day before competition started at the 2018 European championships.

How confident are you that Russia can successfully defend the European team title you won two years ago?
Well we have an entirely new team, so it’s very hard to say. There are many new gymnasts who have just come up from being juniors, and it’s their first time to test themselves at the senior level. So its very difficult to predict anything.

You are the only returning member from the team two years ago – do you find yourself looking after your younger team mates?
All the girls obviously have competed internationally already, so they know what  they have to do. But they might come and ask me questions, so then I will help them. Mostly questions about the organisation, about the warm up, where to go, and when to go, that kind of stuff, so nothing really serious.

It’s Irina Alexeeva’s first time competing for Russia – have you been supporting her in particular?
Not especially – she has competed internationally in America, so she also has experience like the others. 

Which teams do you consider to be your strongest opposition in Glasgow?
In Europe every team has its own strengths, so I think that the chances are good for all the teams.

How do you like to relax after a big competition?
Usually after competition I’m exhausted and I don’t have much strength for anything. I might just lie down in bed and watch a movie. I also like to talk with my friends, we like to discuss the competition and talk through things.

 I expect you also spend a lot of time on social media? You have several thousand followers on Instagram, for example.
I really love social media, social media is like my second life, and I really love to share everything, whats going on in my life, my hobbies and so on. During these championships I’m looking forward to showing people what we do outside the competition – how we relax in the hotel and things. I’m really looking forward to that.

The Russian women won the team event, after which Angelina said with a big smile “I feel great! I’m happy, I have no words!”

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