Amelie Morgan – 2019 English champion

“I’m absolutely over the moon!”

Amelie Morgan of England & Great Britain (photo by Sarah Baldwin / Gym Stars)

11th March 2019 –  In her first year as a senior (she turns 16 in May) Amelie Morgan was delighted to win the English all-around title, which makes her a top prospect for the British championships coming up this weekend. I spoke to her after her win.

Congratulations Amelie – English champion in your first year as a senior. How do you feel?
I’m absolutely over the moon, I’m so pleased with how today went. I was not expecting this at all. As a first year senior I was just coming out here to do the best I can, and to win was just… incredible.

Last year you won silver all-around behind Giorgia Villa of Italy at both the junior European championships and the Youth Olympic Games. She is also in her first year as a senior – do you think this is the start of a big rivalry between you?
Yeah, definitely! I’m so excited to get out there and perform as a senior, this year and hopefully, more to come.

What has been the biggest factor in your success?
I have so much support behind me. My family has been with me since day one, they’ve supported me so much. All my coaches – especially Liz [Kincaid], I couldn’t have done it without her – and my teammates. I just have so much support behind me, I think that’s what makes the difference.

Tell us about your family and how you got into gymnastics.
I have a twin brother [Finlay] – he does gymnastics too. My parents didn’t have anything to do with gymnastics, but we had so much energy when we were younger, they had to take us somewhere, so we went to gymnastics. He was meant to be competing tomorrow but he’s injured, so unfortunately he can’t. 

Do you and Finlay train at the same club?
We train at different clubs because the Academy [in Bristol, where Amelie trains] doesn’t do boys gymnastics.

In a normal week, how many hours a day do you train?
It varies quite a lot, but normally around six or seven hours a day.

What level are you at with your education?
This year is my GCSE year, so quite a big year! I’m only taking five subjects: science, english, maths, spanish and geography.

If you are selected for the European championships in April, how will you fit your academic work around the gymnastics?
It’s going to be quite difficult. The Europeans are just before my GCSEs, so I’ll have to take work with me – if I make the team, of course!

The British team for the European Championships has just been announced, and Amelie has been selected, together with Ellie Downie (defending European champion), Kelly Simm and Alice Kinsella. 

Amelie signing autographs after the competition. photo copyright Sarah Baldwin/Gym Stars

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